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What You Need to Know

Hello, thank you for considering BMX Party Peddlers for your child’s party. Here is some additional
information prior to booking.

What is the Schedule?
• The party can last up to 3 hours
• 30 minutes set up to find the correct bike for each child and put on helmets and protective
• 90 minutes coaching by a British Cycling trained level 2 BMX specific coach
• 60 minutes in party room

Do I need to bring anything?
• Please ensure that all children have their arms and legs covered with long tops and
trousers. Unfortunately, they will not be allowed onto the track in t-shirts or shorts.
• A full-face helmet, bike, elbow/knee pads and gloves will be loaned to each child on arrival,
however children can bring their own if they wish.
• Please bring your own food and drink. Hot drinks, drinks cans and snacks may be
purchased from the club house.

Do the children need to have experience of riding BMX?
No, they do not need to have experience of riding a BMX bike or on a BMX track however, they do
need to be competent in riding a bike without stabilisers. Due to the size of bikes we have
available, only children between the ages of 8 and 14 can attend.

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